October 25, 2014
6 months and 3 days since
our Reunion.

Welcome to the Official Reunion Page of the Classes of Choctaw High School 1980-1989!

This reunion was the brain child of a few CHS 1984 alumni who were in the beginning stages of talking about their 30 year reunion. It was suggested why not invite some of the classes that graduated before and after us...then it became; if we are going to celebrate the 80's we need to REALLY celebrate the 80's. We have to invite the class that began it all, the class that ended it all, and everyone in between.

Each class offers a different perspective, but we all have in common that experience of being a teenager in the 80's. We can all relate to the music, the movies, the fashion, and the big hair! We were there when all the technology we enjoy today was born.

Our town and our alma mater have grown and changed quite a bit, as have we...please join us to celebrate everything we were, but most importantly everything we are!

We have put together a fun weekend including a tour of our school and a football game on Friday night, with a get together at Charlie's afterward. Charlie's is a local sports bar in Choctaw that is owned by alumni and named after our school mascot.

The actual Banquet part of our reunion is Saturday evening at the Reed Center in Midwest City. It is attached to a Sheraton and we have arranged for group rates for anyone that wishes to stay there. There will be food, drinks and an 80's band (of course), but most all just good people that haven't seen each other in ages celebrating each other and the best DECADE ever!

Hail, all Hail to thee dear Choctaw!

Can't wait to see everyone!
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